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The 17th CHTF held in November in deep

Date: 2015-05-01

Innovative undertaking cross-border integration
Hsu on behalf of the organizing committee invites people from all walks of life at home and abroad to participate in the "science and technology of China no.1"
30 in the morning, China hi-tech fair organizing committee held a news conference in Beijing. , director of the organizing committee, the mayor of shenzhen hsu overall arrangements and preparations for the 17th CHTF are introduced, and announced the 17th, shenzhen will be "innovative entrepreneurship, cross-border integration" as the theme, in November 16 to 21, held in shenzhen. At present, the preparation, shenzhen is in full swing, ostentatious work is going well at home and abroad.
Ministry of science and technology, ministry of industry and agriculture, the state intellectual property office, the Chinese academy of sciences, China academy of engineering and other department heads to attend the conference. Representatives of the foreign embassy officials and business institutions for nearly 70 hundred journalists, news agencies at home and abroad and business representatives attended the conference. CHTF and secretary-general, deputy director of the organizing committee, vice mayor Chen Biao chaired the meeting.
Do a good job in this under the new norm, shenzhen has the important meaning
Hsu said that currently the whole country is seriously implement the "four" comprehensive strategic layout, further implement the strategy of innovation driven development, economic development into the new normal, this to the staging of the 17th CHTF has brought great opportunities, also put forward new and higher requirements. At the same time, this year is complete ", shenzhen to build a world-class exhibition action plan (2013-2015) "the objectives of the MSC in CHTF is moving towards a world-class exhibition of examination. Go all out to do a good job in the shenzhen, is to implement the central about deepening the reform of science and technology system, accelerate the innovation development strategy of several opinions on the 8th files specific actions, and is the inevitable requirement of speed up to build a world-class exhibition, to implement the strategy of "four comprehensive" layout, promoting "three changes", promoting "public entrepreneurship, peoples innovation", promoting our country economy to maintain high growth, high level of high-end, is of great significance.