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Shenzhen 12315 micro letter service online Complaints to report related business are covered

Date: 2015-05-01

Yesterday, the reporter learns from the market and the quality of supervision and administration commission, the agency operating the micro letter of public service, "shenzhen consulting report 12315 complaints service platform" was recently launched. The number covers the duties within the scope of a related consulting to report complaints business, including business consulting, business queries and complaints to report three columns, the general public, the enterprise can be used by the attention of the public.
Journalists focus on the micro signal found that shenzhen is carrying out the reform of commercial registration related matters can be in service, consultation and inspection. Its business consulting menu including business subject registration, organization code business permission, food catering business, business consulting, business consulting other progress queries, etc. Open the consulting business menu, you can see there are a lot of problems have been listed in the consulting items, users click enter, see the answers, such as business subject registration business, which has listed 154 questions, including how to apply for registration of four certificate and the whole process, the enterprise should cancel to change according to it, and so on. Organization code and catering license business lists 25 and 35 problems respectively. Menu if a problem can't solve all the citizens of doubt, also can click on other business consulting, submit consulting content.
Business query item also includes the policies and regulations inquiry, business subject information query, process query code query, food license items, such as complaints to report column contains the consumer complaints, illegal reporting, complaints to report progress query items, such as citizen if you have to report complaints can be in the submissions, the public, there will be someone to provide services. (reporter Tan Lingjuan)