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Metro line 11 complete track-laying on July 1 Complete track laying airport north station yesterday

Date: 2015-05-01

Yesterday at 11 20 points, slowly to the ground, as the last row rail metro line 11 airport north station (T4) track laying completed tasks. Metro line 11 track-laying is standing off from the airport to north station to the airport, on July 1, is expected to achieve all orbit PuTong.
Airport to north station, also called T4 station, total length of 528.71 meters, 21.3 meters wide, depth is about 18.9 meters, is the 10th station of shenzhen metro line 11, play a subway and ear this.i deep inter-city railway, railway and shenzhen airport T4 terminal hub role in the future. Airport north station as a whole in airport dock and fish ponds in the particular geological, soft foundation reinforcement, even wall construction of deep foundation pit excavation and retaining structure and foundation pit precipitation is difficult, to undertake the construction of China in TieSanJu, actively carry out TQC construction plan making, scientific research activities and "PengCheng cup" contest of labor, to ensure the safety and quality, the site has been city construction industry association awarded "excellent production safety and civilized construction site" title, the provincial construction safety association as "guangdong province building municipal engineering construction production safety civilization demonstration sites", "guangdong province AA safety standardization construction site civilization".
"Shenzhen metro line 11 first pole" of the catenary pillar with already on April 29 at 10 in line 11 garden (sea) - machine (airport) interval, kicked off the metro line 11 equipment installation engineering. (reporter At the end of the pan is not)