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Have to travel peak today afternoon Please avoid the rush hour Peak travel as far as possible

Date: 2015-05-03

Shenzhen evening news (reporter Huang Nan) "51" little long holiday is coming to an end, yesterday, the reporter understands, affected by the small car free release, the returning traffic is expected to focus on today's 15 to 22 points, every highway and city road traffic congestion at the appointed time will happen. City, therefore, it warns a citizen, arrange the return route ahead of schedule, pay attention to the peak travel, as far as possible to avoid return during rush hours.
Highway: the traffic peak
Between 15 and 22 to
It is reported, because during the period of "May Day" highway free deadline for 24 today, so many people would choose in return today afternoon. Experience from previous years, this year's "51" holiday travel peak in today's between 15 to 22. Traffic density section mainly has the spring breeze elevated, deep salt 2 channel, shahe road turn guangshen highway along the river bend, and gs airport to changan, shenzhen hui salt high speed section, deep shanyou high-speed, guangdong jiangxi highway road, etc.
In addition, during the "51" little long holiday, eastern tourist attractions and is expected to appear and the peak passenger flow, leading to large xiaomeisha beach and south Australian tourism scenic area traffic summit in 9-12:00, high-speed deep salt salt dam second channel section and vehicle queue kwai chung period will be longer, with sections will be in at about 15:00 - travel peak period appeared, more congestion, recommended peak travel as far as possible.
Railway: on May 10th
Temporary adjustment ticket booking period
Railway, the reporter learns from the guangzhou railway group, guangzhou railway group on the same day on May 1, 1.5 million passengers, year-on-year growth of 15% last year, a record high. According to railway department forecast analysis, guangzhou railway group is expected this year "51" little long holiday during transport (April 30 to May 3) will be sent 5.05 million passengers, up 13.5% from a year earlier, send 1.263 million people daily, average daily passenger flow and maximum daily passenger flow all over the same period last year.
In addition, for the summer to enhance capacity, satisfy the passenger's travel demand, railway departments to adjust the train running in summers, and temporary adjustment on May 10 ticket booking period, namely, from May 1 to 9, the railway department will be suspended after sale on June 29 and ticket, May 10, the furthest restore booking period for 60 days, June 29 to July 7, during all the train tickets will also be since May 10, 8 when on sale. Railway departments to remind, please reasonable passenger travel plan, buy return ticket in advance, so as not to delay the schedule.