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Shenzhen union first and guest education The first batch of a total of 29 teachers to join us

Date: 2015-05-03

Shenzhen special zone newspaper (trainee reporter li li) "nanshan robots and guest education salon and a guest education alliance" recently held in shekou school set up activities. It is reported, this is the city's first guest education alliance, the first batch of a total of 29 teachers joined the education association.
Activities, in more than 20 schools teachers into six groups, on how to conduct primary and secondary schools and guest activities, robot contest, how to develop, how to promote invention robot, the robot STEAM class discussed the problems such as how to conduct and communication. It is reported, nanshan district already has more than 20 schools to develop a guest activities.
Yucai in two Wu Xiaoqian teacher said, a guest must "play". Play is a kind of state, is a kind of state, when more and more people join the guest "play" together, the world will change because of play.
Shekou school principal Deng Jinbiao introduction, the school for many years the robot education experience, a guest education alliance is to be put online activities, the combination of common development, in the process of the students help personal growth, sharing joy of success, not too late to begin now.
Taught nanshan Yu Yaoxian thinks, deputy director of the center of nanshan and guest education alliance as the city's first guest education alliance, is a new starting point of education informatization of nanshan. Shenzhen is a guest, the informationization to promote the change of teaching in the future, nan shan young innovative school to set up eight branch, the future of the education is not only limited to the robot, thought to be more open, the guest must be happy, let the teachers and students with a sense of accomplishment, let both parents and communities involved, all be happy and guest. Teach science college Wu Lianghui teacher said that shenzhen will be the development in information technology teaching of primary and secondary schools in the course and hope to first explore in the school-based curriculum of nanshan.