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The big plum sand shall manage the time limit set limit to "51" continue to more than 200000 people visit

Date: 2015-05-03

Swim yesterday afternoon, the citizens of the big plum sand from desire under the tower road slowly moved to the seaside. To yesterday afternoon, the relevant personage to the big plum sand beach park as a conservative estimate, during the period of "May Day" has more than 200000 people, every day in the big plum sand waste generated a lot of visitors. In order to improve the big plum sand beach health environment, this year "51", in the big plum sand, shenzhen urban management bureau launched "rubbish doesn't fall to the ground Shenzhen more beautiful "big plum ShaQing beach volunteer service activities.
This year "51", continue to practice the time limit set limit to the big plum sand beach park management, namely the daily morning 6 to 1 in the morning when open to visitors, tourists reached 50000 people, of the circumstances shall manage the limited visitors into the garden.